Sami Mian

Sami Mian spends most of his time in his current role as Head of Japan for Hedera Hashgraph, a company that has solved one of the biggest problems of our generation by providing a way for people who don’t know or trust each other to collaborate and transact online without the need for a trusted intermediary.

Sami Started invested when he was 17, entered into the world of banking and finance at 21, managed a portfolio worth JPY 600BN at 25, started a solar technology company at 28, lost everything and came close to bankruptcy at 30, started a real estate business at 32, food and beverage franchise business at 35, and currently focused on increasing financial literacy through education.

He believes that understanding this technology and its benefits is paramount to staying relevant in the workplace and business. He also believes Financial literacy refers to the knowledge of money. It is the knowledge necessary that allows you to understand, use, protect and increase wealth. Schools, universities, companies, and society as a whole does not teach us financial literacy.

Sami consider his mission to make a contribution towards raising financial literacy. Especially is a country that has a very low financial literacy as well as many subconscious barriers to earningwealth.

By understanding money, we are able to use, protect and increase it. By spreading this knowledge to our children, family, friends and loved ones, we can improve people’s lives over generations to come.

There is so much misleading information in this world that we have lost sight of the the true essence of knowledge. Sami aim to convey financial literacy through this medium of SamiTV.


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